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David Harewood ‏ @THEHAREWOOD Reply Retweet
@Mellow9 Fantastic. Well done people. Looks very professional and is slicker than slick. Your production values are awesome. Much love DH.

Mellow 9 Productions will one day be talked about in years to come as a pioneer working machine from this modern era.
Keep up the good work you lot !

Novelist Christian Simpson

Shout out & #FF @Mellow9 ! Great people with an inspirational vision & so professional…love it! Make sure u give them a follow

Natalie Graham

@Mellow9 Thanks – loved working with you too!

Elle Osili (presenter)

@Mellow9 We are so excited at MOD to see the footage . Thank you for taking the time to film our event . #Mellow9Rocks!


@Mellow9 @bukouk great video guys! Massive thank you!

Jewel Goodby WLAF

Mr Gee 诗人 ‏@mrgeepoet19m
@Mellow9 great meeting you guys…nice work!

I was honoured to have my words brought to life by the incredibly talented, award winning Mellow 9 Productions. The whole experience, including the shoot, working with the crew and witnessing their spot on and intuitive casting was amazing. – Patricia Foster (Lips – Word 9)

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