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Spoken Word 9 Films – Poets get in touch!

07 Jan 2016


Word 9 is our in-house poetry film series. The M9 Team have a love for poetry and producer and creator Alexei Nunes wanted to give visuals to what we think is an under-appreciated medium – spoken word. From Tennyson, to Shakespeare to Jill Scott and Saul Williams, spoken word has influenced the masses over one hundred years. Any subject can be tackled. Any form, whether serious or light, or simple or witty, it’s all personal. Mellow 9 will work with you to come up with the visuals. Get in touch for a quote…And to see our work, well just look below….Thanx and keep it Mellow 9


Directed by Adrian Scott – Jermaine Dominique brings you ‘Je Suis’.  Powerful and poignant

Directed by Adrian Scott –  It’s New York based poet Tzaddi’s ‘Universal Soul’

Directed by Adrian Scott – Callum Barwick deals with racial stereotypes ‘We Are Men’

Directed by Adrian Scott - S1mple's 'Just Like Me' evokes an emotional response

Directed by Adrian Scott – Callum Barwick wrote ‘Who Am I’ in response to the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby.

Directed by Adrian Scott – Poppi Dee lets us use our own imagination in ‘She Takes A Pill’

Directed by Adrian Scott – Katie Lou Thomas’ beautiful ‘Angels’.

Directed by Adrian Scott – Raphael Blake’s romantic ‘London’

Directed by Adrian Scott – Callum Barwick’s intelligent ‘ithis and ithat’

Directed by Adrian Scott – Jess Espin Thurgur’s thoughtful ‘Misplaced Worth’

Directed by Adrian Scott – Southern Soulstar’s ‘A Lump called ‘IT’ is about her battle with breast cancer.

Directed by Adrian Scott – Happy I Will Be by Katie Lou Thomas

Directed by Adrian Scott – The Mix Up by Dean Atta, Indigo Williams and Keith Jarrett

Directed by Adrian Scott, and probably the most poignant film we have shot to date here is Mandy Berger’s ‘Dear Depression’ – which depicts Mandy Berger’s real and current battle with depression.

Directed by Adrian Scott & Ameet Solanki – Here is ‘Remember You Are Going To Die’ by Pete The Temp

Directed by Adrian Scott & Ameet Solanki – Here is ‘Summer’ by Bridget Minamore

Directed by Adrian Scott & Ameet Solanki – Here is ‘Lips’ by Patricia Foster

Directed by Adrian Scott & Ameet Solanki (regular directing partners) Here is Raymond Antrobus’ ‘A Conversation with a man in Wetherspoons’

Directed by Shiquerra Mackenzie-Osborne for Mellow 9 Productions – Here is Karen Layne’s beautiful In The Park

Directed by Najee Forbes for Mellow 9 Productions – From Miami USA comes David ‘King’ Cain’s – The Color of Judgement

Directed by Steve J Todd for Mellow 9 Productions. Here is Dalston by Peter Hayhoe

Our second female poet Poetic Jemz ‘Beggars Memoir’

Our first female poet enters Word 9 – Samantha Kirwan – ‘This Powerful Force’

Poet Paul Cree talks about the London Riots in this brilliant piece ‘Cross Roads’

Here Lies….By renowned London Poet Suli Breaks

Please enjoy our Mother’s Day poem by Dean Atta

Word 9 is a series featuring 9 spoken Word Artists…..Poet Jahnoi kicks things off with his Valentines Poem – Highest Point

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