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Being Spastic by Jack Reeve

23 May 2014

Being Spastic


Being Spastic a sketch show with a difference as you are

taken around the  world to explore as we discover a unique

perspective n both comedy and life itself!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there
was a cure for disability? Well wonder no more as we
see the first advert for the 'cure' for disability COCTARD!

Ulrech and Hans do drugs

Meet two of the biggest stars in Dutch television history
Ulrech and Hans as they film their TV show from an
undisclosed location and see why they were voted 25th in
a list of the top 25 Dutch personalities!

Dog Prejudice 

Finally join an everyday workplace as a disciplinary
takes place but not everything is as it seems. Watch
to find out the truth.
Written by Jack Reeve & Gavin Tokhai

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