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Break A Leg

break aleg2s

Mellow 9 are producing a feature film ‘Break A Leg’ written by our own Adrian Scott

written by Adrian Scott
story by Adrian Scott & Dean Batchelor
directed by Martyn Pick
producers Kate Korbel, Adrian Scott, Alexei Nunes, Nancy Bressolles
Production Companies: Break A Leg films, Mellow 9 Productions

Break A Leg Synopsis

Genre: Horror/black comedy/Parody

“Blair Witch meets Tropic Thunder – with a twist”
LEYTON BUZARD is a former child star whose only role in the last six years is as an extra in the latest line of Urban Films starring the darlings of Urban Cinema AUGUSTUS SPENCER-MACY and AMANDA GOLDSHIRE- Hard Urban Gangster 2: The Return of the Hard Urban Gangster. Embarrassed after sneaking his way into the wrap party, and humiliated at two auditions Leyton decides that his acting days have long expired and that it’s time to try another career. But driven on by his biggest fan, his mother PAULETTE, Leyton is coaxed into going it alone by writing, directing and starring in his own movie ‘Break A Leg’ – about a group of young friends who travel to a place called Trepps Creek to find treasure – and where a dangerous killer lurks! When Paulette finds the money to help his new venture, Leyton convinces Augustus and Amanda to star in his directional debut. Along with a cast of other demented actors and actresses, and with only his sexed-crazed best friend HALE OSCAR, as his sole crew member, Leyton goes off to the Isle of Man to make his masterpiece – and just maybe hit the big time again. But of course things will not pan out as Leyton hopes.
Once in the woods, which will double up as both location and base, Leyton quickly realises that he has bitten off more than he can chew. Especially since Augustus and Amanda seem hell-bent on proving how spoilt and rotten movie stars are. They continue to humiliate him at every opportunity. Added to this Leyton couldn’t have chosen a worst supporting cast. BENNY LEFANE is obsessive and relentless; the sexy former-model MELISSA CZOPNECH can see the undertones in a blank paper. Then there’s KEVIN OCKENDE, who never reads the script and Queen of rants LUCY MOORE. Serial arse-kisser MICHAEL SAAB-SAUNDERS and ‘will do anything or anyone’ for a role TARA HODGEKISS add to Leyton’s misery. Only KERRY SUTTER seems sane, although she never says anything, and nobody ever notices her. With HALE too busy scheming of ways to get into the knickers of the female cast, especially his dream girl Melissa Czopnech, Leyton is well and truly on his own to face his tormenters. And torment him they do-morning, noon, and night – until Leyton snaps. When a sick and twisted practical joke by Augustus on Leyton goes drastically wrong, somebody is killed – in front of the cameras.

With the lead of his film ‘gone’ and Amanda finding out Leyton has no choice but to kill her too, before she tells the police and shuts down his movie. Leyton’s one saving grace is that he kills both his leads while in character – Leyton is playing the role of ‘The Killer’- and as Hale points out, the murders do look rather convincing. After a weepy call to his mother Paulette, Leyton is convinced. The rest of the cast must die – before they finger him to the police. Cue a murder spree where everyone is a victim but nobody is innocent and as Hale films it, Leyton’s movie finally begins to take shape. But another unexpected twist means Kerry Sutter will be spared – But at what cost? And the ending will be re-written – beautifully. And this beauty will be appreciated when, with his proud mother watching, Leyton reaches the summit again – His film ‘Break A Leg’ wins the BAFTA for best picture.

Written by Adrian Scott

© 2017 Mellow 9 Productions