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iCandy Studios


Factual Entertainment
Frequency: X 9
Length: 30 minutes

iCandy Studios is a prominent photography studio set in the cultural centre of Bermondsey, right next to the famous ‘Den’ home of Millwall football club. Literally anything goes here – No one day at the studios is the same.

On any given day iCandy studios is graced with A-listers such as; Tinnie Tempah, Cher Lloyd, Alexander Burke, Wiley and Frankie Cocozza to name a few.

Glamour models enter looking ordinary, fifteen minutes later they become centre fold ‘fodder’ for ‘Nuts magazine’ and ‘Loaded’.

It has been known that some models enter iCandy Studios toeing the moral line, vowing never to objectify themselves. However, mid-shoot and this line is now in their rear view mirror as they cannot stop showing enough flesh and its still only Monday!

By Friday it’s clean up time, condoms and massage oil are among the discarded items being picked up from the studio floor–leftovers from the gay porn shoot. In the evening the team are ready for a stiff drink. Often too stiff warranting in the usual apologies first thing Monday morning. Then it’s all systems go as they prepare for their next high profile client.

Meet business partners; Gaia Beck, Leonard Foster and Annika Allen.

Gaia Beck Studio Owner, Flavour Magazine, Marketing Director
Gaia is a go-getter who takes no nonsense from her staff or the emotional wrecks that too often come through her doors. She is often quoted as saying ‘Is this a studio or a therapy clinic?’ Gaia is gradually coming to terms with the fact that it is both.

Leonard Foster Studio Owner, Flavour Magazine, Publisher
Leonard is the brain box behind it all, the man who started the whole thing and drove it to where it is today. Leave him alone, because he is busy…

Annika Allen Studio Owner, Flavour Magazine, Editor
Annika is a social butterfly that enjoys interviewing the stars who visit. It is a futile exercise trying to predict the unpredictable as she certainly dances’s to the beat of her own drum.

Each episode documents the challenges, preparation and moments of contention that are associated with accommodating the needs of A-list celebrities who also come with their own expectations of the iCandy experience.
Strong characters Gaia, Leonard and Annika come to the fore as the relationship between them and their subordinates are often tested.
Finally the arrival of their famous clientele adds an unpredictable element and it has to be said that these characters hold their own among an ensemble of stellar clients.
Funny and witty with a sprinkle of melodrama, as the series conveys the critical nature of the preparation and pressure involved in the iCandy operation.

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