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TV Projects

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‘TOWIE meets the Brutus empire’
Genre: Scripted comedy
Length: 30 mins
Written by: Adrian Scott, Alexei Nunes & Michael Kyei

In order to inherit your business you must first run it into the ground.

JIM is a comedy about a scheming exploits of an Assistant manager of fitness Gym named Jim Cavani (30). Jim’s goal is to reclaim his birth right as the owner of the most popular Gym this side of East London.

My Town Our Town

Genre: Factual Entertainment
Channel: ITV
Devised by Nancy Bressolles, Adrian Scott & Alexei Nunes
Format: 6 x 45 minute

My Town Our Town pair’s two celebrities from the same town but different generations together in a shared journey of discovery as they take a trip down memory lane and in the process introduce one another to parts of the town they didn’t know.

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